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Taiwanese Funny Stories, compiled by Masanaga Kawai, Taiwan Daily Anew Newspaper Publishing, 1915.

  1. On the 5th day of the next month
  2. Well feigning to be crying sad
  3. Beating to half death
  4. We have but a leg which is a little longer
  5. I fear that I would eat much more
  6. Eating in the back
  7. My wife was born in the Ox year
  8. A dumb man who spoke
  9. My wife is thinking about the monk
  10. The public shoes
  11. A calf thief
  12. A big house for sale
  13. An empty belly
  14. Subduing a fever
  15. A cheaper life
  16. Dishes for the meal
  17. A secret
  18. A deaf man and a dumb man's secret hiding
  19. For this kind of mistake, the more the better
  20. Ways for making money
  21. Another bigger bathtub
  22. But I don't know where I am gone
  23. A short-sighted man who ate the chicken shit
  24. The price of a rice cake
  25. A very difficult invitation letter
  26. Strike on the nail
  27. So you have counted it wrong
  28. Taking revenge for the son
  29. A very lazy woman
  30. No place to sit
  31. Jealousy due to a dream
  32. A short-sighted man
  33. I have burned it/him away
  34. A patient man and an impatient one
  35. What on earth should I do to be fine with you?
  36. A wish to the Judge of the Hell
  37. Anyway we are moving though. That's it.
  38. Foolish women
  39. An illiterate's accounting
  40. A smart wife and a foolish one
  41. Foolishness beyond description
  42. Why don't you respect me?
  43. Due to all your help
  44. The blind men holding the lantern
  45. Must win
  46. A big fool
  47. To deceive others and only to get oneself in loss
  48. The un-bought paddy field and the un-inaugurated official
  49. It must be a lunatic
  50. A greedy teacher
  1. The Taiwanese romanization text is added by Shoji Itoh (benzo@po.cnet-sc.ne.jp>s_ito88@ybb.ne.jp>benzo@a011.broada.jp) and the English text by Seke Wei (seke@sys.es.osaka-u.ac.jp).
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