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[leng7-goa7 khah4 toa7-kha1/ e5 ek8-thang2/](21(34p)).

u7 nng7-e5 goa7-lou7/ e5 chhut4-goa7-lang5/, 
ti7 chit8-keng1 kheh4-tiam3/-nih40 saN1 tau5-hioh4/, 
tai7-ke1 kong2 pun2-toe7/ e5 ki5-kha2/ e5 su7/.

chit8-e5 lang5/ kong2:
"chai7 gun2 hit4-te3/ u7 chit8-kha1 ek8-thang2/, 
 chheng1-goa7-lang5/ choe3 chit80-e70 loh8-khi3 soe2/ iah8 leng7-leng7/."

ia2 chit8-e5-lang5/ chiu7 kong2:
"hit4-ho7-thang2/, ia2 boe7-oe7 kong2 leh4 ki1-kha2/.
 chai7 gun2 hit4-te3/ u7/ e5 tek4/,
 si7 tui3 toe7-bin7/ hoat4/-khi30-lai50, tek4-be2/ kau3 thiN1-teng2/,
 ia2 bo5-ui7/ thang1 chhun1-tng5/_khi30, 
 sou2-i2/ chiah4 koh4 oan1/-loh80-lai50,
 hiong3 toe7-bin7/.
 cheh4 chiu7 si7 chin1-chiaN3 ki1-kha2/ e5 su7/ lah40."

tai7-seng1 kong2/ e5 lang5/, thiaN1-kiN3 chit4-ku2/ chiu7 kong2:
"naN2 u7 hit4-khoan2/ e5 toa7-tek4/ nih40."

hit4-e5-lang5/ chiu7 kong2:
"naN7 bo5 goa2 kong2/ e5 chit4-ho7 tek4/,
 thai2-tho2 oe7 khou1 leh4 li2 kong2/ e5 hit4-ho7 ek8-thang2/ nih40."

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[Another bigger bathtub]IDX

There were two travellers from different places.
They rested in a tavern.
Both were gossiping about unusual things in their own hometowns.

One man said:
"In my hometown, there is a big bathtub.
 (Even) when over a thousand people get in to bathe at the same time, 
 there remains free space (in it)."

Another man then said:
"That bathtub still cannot be said unusual.
 In my hometown there are bamboos.
 (They) grow from the earth, and are about to reach the heaven.
 There is no place (for them) to grow further.
 So (they) bend downward,
 and then (grow) towards the earth.
 It is this which can be truly (said) an unusual thing."

The previous man hearing it then said:
"How can there be such a big bamboo?"

The (latter) man then replied:
"If there is no such a bamboo as I said,
 how can they (ever) put the hoops on such a big bathtub as you said?"