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[nouN7-seng3/ e5 lang5/ kap4 kin2-sim1-seng3/ e5 lang5/](34(66p)).

u7 chit8-e5 nouN7-seng3/ e5 lang5/, boe2 chit8-sang1 sin1-oe5/.
tu2-tioh8 chit8-e5 kin2-sim1-seng3/_e5_lang5/ e5 si5-cheh4/,
kin2-sim1-seng3/-e50 chiu7 mng7 i1 kong2:
"li2 e5 chit4-sang1-oe5/ kui2-e5-chiN5/ ka7 i1 boe2/ e50?"

hit4-e5 nouN7-seng3/-e50 iu5-iu5/ chu7-chai7/ chhun1 chit8-kha1/ 
chiah4 in3 i1 kong2:
"nng7-kou1 poaN3/ lah40."

chit4-e5 kin2-sim1-seng3/-e50 thiaN1-kiN3 chit4-ku3/ chiu7 sui5-si5/ 
liah8 i1-e5 lou5-chai5/ na2 phah4/ na2 kong2/:
"li2 chit4-e5 chhat8-taN2/-e50. 
 goa2 kio3 li2 boe2 chit4-sang1-oe5/, 
 chaiN2-iuN7-a2 chiah4 gou7-khou1/_gun5/?
 chhiuN7 li2 su1-am3 thau5-ke1 e5 chiN5/, 
 an2-ni1/ sit8-chai7/ si7 chin1 kho2 ou3/."

nouN7-seng3/-e5-lang5/ tui3 piN1/-a20 sou1-loah8/ chiah4 kong2:
"li2 naN7 beh4 kong2 sim2-mih8-oe7/ tioh8 khah4 liau5-a2 si7 kong2. 
 bo5-tai7/ bo5-chi3/ bian2 hiah4-nih40 siu7-khi3/ mah40."

an2-ni1/ kong2-liau2/, iu7 an1-han5/ chu7-chai7/, chhun1 chit8-kha1/ ,
chiu7 kong2:
"lau7-hiaN1/ chit8-kha1/ iu5-goan5/ si7 nng7-kou1_poaN3/ lah40."

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[A patient man and an impatient one]IDX

A patient man bought a pair of new shoes.
When he was met by an impatient man,
the latter then asked him:
"For this pair of shoes, how much money did you (use to) buy it?"

The patient man slowly streched out one of his feet with composure, 
and then replied him:
"Two and a half dollars."

Upon hearing the reply, the impatient man immediately
(started) to beat his servant while saying:
"You, a thief in heart.
 I asked you to buy this pair of shoes.
 Why did it cost five dollars?
 For people like you who stole the master's money in secret,
 it is really condemnable (to do it) this way."

The patient man waited a while on the side, and then said:
"When you want to say something, you should take your time to say it.
 There is nothing real big.  Please don't be so angry."

Saying so, he again slowly stretched out the other foot with composure,
and said:
"Dear friend, (the shoe on) the other foot still costs 
 (another) two and a half dollars."