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[pak4-lai7/ khang1 lou1-sou1/](13(20p)).

u7 chit8-e5 siu3-chai5/, in1-ui7 kho2-kau3/ e5 jit8-chi2/ kun7-oa2/,
miN5-jit8/ tih4 hoan5-lo2 siu7 khou2/.

in1-bou2/ khoaN3/-kiN3, chhio2 i7 kong2:
"lin2 cho3 bun5-chiuN1/, chaiN2-iuN7-a2 chiah4 hiah4-nih40 ui5-lan5/?
 kah4-naN2 chhin1-chhiuN7 gun2 beh4 
 siN1-kiN2/ e5 si5/ kang1-khoan2/ lah40 houN30."

siu3-chai5/ chiu7 kong2:
"kong2 siaN2/. lin2 siN1-kiaN2/ khah4 khui3-oah8/."

in1-bou2/ chiu7 mng7 i1 kong2:
"houN7/, heh4 si7 chaiN2-iuN7-a2 kong2/?"

siu3-chai5/ chiu7 kong2:
"li2 tioh8 siuN7/-khoaN30 leh40.
 lin2 e5 si7 ti7 pak4-tou2-lai7/ u7/ e5 mngh8/ siN1/-chhut40-lai50 e50.
 m7-ku2/ goa2 e5 si7 pak4-tou2-lai7/ khang1 lou1-sou1/.
 long2 bo5 bun5-chai5/ e50 lah40.
 khah4-ke1/ mah40 oe7 kan1-khou2/."

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[An empty belly]IDX

A student was worried in pain day and night
because the day of examination was coming soon,

His wife seeing this laughed at him, and said:
"When you write a composition, why is it so difficult?
 It looks as though I am delivering a child."

The student replied:
"What did you say?  It is easier for you to deliver a child 
 (than for me to write a composition)."

His wife then asked him:
"So?  How do you say that?"

The student then replied:
"Just please think on it.
 In your case, you are delivering something which is already in your belly.
 But in my case, I got an empty belly,
 and had no talent at all for writing.
 Therefore, I would suffer more (than you when writing a composition)."