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[thoe4-jiat8/] (14(21p)).

u7 chit8-e5 lang5 e5 kiaN2/ hoat4-jiat8/.
lau7-pe7/ e5 peng5-iu2/, phai3-ioh8/ hou7 i1 chiah8/.
keh4-miN5/ chiu7 si2/.

in1 lau7-pe7/, khi3 kap4 i1 tit8-tit8 jiong2/.
peng5-iu2/ m7-sin3/. chiu7 kap4 i1 lai5/ khoaN3/, 
tui3 sin1-khu1/ sou1-sou1/-leh40, chiah4 kong2:
"ioh8/ chiah8 chit8-thiap4/, jiat8/ chiu7 thoe3 li7-li7//, 
 taN1/ khun3 chhiN1-chhiN1/ lah40. bian2 koh4 chiah8 ioh8/.
 li2 put4-ko3 si7 beh4 kio3 goa2 sian1-siN1_le2/,
 hoan2-tng2/ lai5 ka7 goa2 chhau2/."

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[Subduing a fever]IDX

A man's child was in fever.
A friend of the father prescribed a medicine for the child to take.
(But) then (the child) died overnight.

The father went to argue with his friend all along.
The friend did not believe it.  (He) then came with the father to look.
(He) felt the body of the child, and then said:
"After a dose of medicine was taken, the fever has all been subdued.
 Now that (he) is in sound sleep, (he) will need no medicine to take further.
 (So) all you have to do is but express your gratitude to me as a doctor.
 (How come) you complained of me instead?"

PS: The meaning of the last sentence (So all you have to do ... instead)
    is not ascertained yet.  So please refer to the original Taiwanese
    romanization text for sure.